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Shane Reynolds added to Astros Walk of Fame, throws out first pitch with gold ball

Former Astro Shane Reynolds joined the likes of Joe Niekro, J.R. Richard and Joe Morgan by becoming the newest addition to the Astros Walk of Fame before Friday’s game.

“I’m very excited that I did get the call,” Reynolds said. “I feel like an Astro for life. I’m very excited that I was selected for this process, and as far as I am concerned, I am an Astro forever and now to be able to be linked with these guys as some of the best, I feel very honored.”

The All-Star right-handed pitcher compiled a 103-86 record during his time with the team, which consisted of parts of 11 seasons from 1992-2002.

“I had a few good years, I also had some really good players out there behind me also, so that makes a big difference,” Reynolds said. “Good managers and good players, they will help you.”

Reynolds became the final addition to the Astros Walk of Fame for this season, and was also on hand to throw out the first pitch with a 24 karat gold baseball.

-- Rachel Frey / Real-Time Correspondent

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