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Shane Victorino live tweets Lakers-Rockets game, loves Kobe Bryant

Red Sox right fielder Shane Victorino took over the NBA on TNT Twitter handle during Thursday night's Lakers-Rockets game, and the results were quite amusing.

But first, some bad news for Boston fans:

I know -- it hurts. But before you get too antsy, remember that the Lakers are one of the closest teams to Hawaii, so at least it makes sense. Plus, you'll always have de Blasio.

It turns out Victorino's a huge Kobe Bryant fan -- and given that they share a penchant for playing hurt, that really isn't surprising:

Then he gave his Finals prediction:

The Flyin' Hawaiian, like all people, is amazed by the majesty of Craig Sager:

And his connection to the Lakers runs even deeper than we thought:

Victorino knows swagger, and he gave Dwyane Wade the stamp of approval on his post-game ensemble:

Unfortunately, we don't have a picture (I know, I know). So, instead, enjoy this picture of D-Wade wearing flip-up sunglasses with a three-piece suit:


The Lakers ultimately won, besting the Rockets 99-98, and Victorino said farewell with a hearty mahalo:

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