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Strange half-man, half-horse creature is Yankees' new good luck charm

Shawn Kelley's horse mask is new Yankee luck charm

You thought it was horseshoes that were lucky, but the Yankees know it's actually horse heads, preferably when they come mounted on a man's body, like this creature that's been spotting doing warm-ups with the team: 


Since the reverse centaur has been with the Yankees, they've won six of their past seven games, collected nine consecutive hits off of a Cy Young winner, and come within 2.5 games of the second American League Wild Card Spot. Of course, there's no way this is some kind of power bargain with the devil or anyth -- OH MY GOD IT'S PEELING OFF ITS FACE --


Oh, it's just Shawn Kelley. Looks like the Yankees might just keep on winning, then.  

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