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Shiver me timbers: The D-backs could not have been any colder at Wrigley on Tuesday

The Arizona Diamondbacks (obviously) play their home games in Phoenix, Arizona, where the average daily temperature for this time of year bounces between a comfortable low of 60 degrees and a somehow more comfortable high of 85.

Such is not the case in Chicago, where the Diamondbacks slithered into Wrigley looking like they were preparing to race in the Iditarod. The D-backs fell to the Cubs 9-2 on Tuesday night, as that infamous Chicago wind brought the "feels like" figures down into the 30s.

Arizona pitcher Wade Miley crossed his arms and shivered as his teammates tried everything short of rubbing two sticks together to start a fire in the dugout in an effort to keep warm. Winter hats. Jackets. Ski masks. Double layers. We're willing to bet that they were even channeling a little Olaf to convince themselves that things would eventually get warmer "In Summer."

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