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Sights and Sounds: Everything you need to see from Oakland's 18-inning win over the Yankees

The Yankees took on the Athletics in Oakland on Thursday, but the usual nine innings weren't enough to decide a winner. Strap in for 18 innings -- 5 hours and 35 minutes -- full of heroics and oddities.

Before the game began, the Athletics honored Mariano Rivera by giving him a surfboard bearing his number and name.


The two starters, Hiroki Kuroda and Jarrod Parker, were ready to go deep into the game. And they needed to.


The fans were ready -- and the game got underway.


After Robinson Cano drilled a two-run homer in the top of the first, the A's needed to start scoring runs -- and that they did, bringing Chris Young home on a groundout and knocking in John Jaso on a Seth Smith double in the third inning.

Out in the field, Young did his best to keep the score tied with this great jump on an Ichiro fly ball.

As the game approached the ninth inning, the players appeared to have a feeling they were in for a long one.

Standing Yankees

In the 11th, Umpire C.B. Bucknor prematurely punched out Seth Smith on strike two, before quickly realizing his mistake and having a laugh about it.

In the middle of the 14th, fans at O.Co Coliseum got to partake in a glorious baseball tradition -- 14th-inning stretch.

In the 15th, Coco Crisp singled with runners on first and second. Brandon Moss saw the hit drop into the outfield and tried to score the winning run from second, but Vernon Wells and Chris Stewart kept the Yankees alive with this incredible throw and catch.

Even the local avian A's fans heard about the epic extra-inning-struggle and flocked to the Coliseum to catch the 16th.

It was a long afternoon -- Adam Warren and Jesse Chavez pitched over five innings each in relief, and neither team had scored a run since the bottom of the third. But then, in 18th, something finally gave.


John Jaso hit a one-out single off Preston Clairborne, prompting Joe Girardi to call on Rivera. Jaso moved to third on Seth Smith's single and the Yankees intentionally walked Jed Lowrie to load the bases. Enter Nate Freiman:

It was the first walk-off hit of Freiman's young career, and he was pretty darn excited about it.


His teammates gave him the ceremonial shaving cream pie and Gatorade bath...

"There are a couple of people that, regardless of the team you root for, you can't really root against -- Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera," Freiman said. "I've been a Red Sox fan my whole life, and I've always admired the way Rivera's carried himself throughout his career, the professionalism and class. So that was a big thrill."


Teammate Brett Anderson summed the whole thing up with one simple tweet:

The game was Oakland's 11th straight home win, giving them a two-game lead in the AL West, and a three-game win streak heading into Friday's 10:05PM EDT matchup against the Mariners.

-- Dakota Gardner /