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Sit back and listen to Vin Scully tell a classic tale about Satchel Paige, Whitey Herzog and Bill Veeck

Vin Scully tells great story about Paige and Herzog

Vin Scully, as he does so naturally, graced his listeners with a story during Tuesday's Marlins-Dodgers game. It involved outfielder Whitey Herzog facing off against 50ish-year-old teammate Satchel Paige in a throwing contest for a bottle of bourbon. The two were, of course, playing for a Minor League team run by Bill Veeck. But stop reading this and listen to Vin tell the tale (in different voices!) in the above video. I know nothing.

Side note: Paige went 11-4 with a 1.86 ERA that season for the Triple-A Miami Marlins and didn't retire until about 10 years later. 

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