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Six of the weirdest baseball books for any kind of reader

Can't take any more of the baseball-free offseason? Tired of all the holiday season family time and desperate for something to read?

You're in luck. For not only has the history of mankind provided us with writers and baseball fans churning out all sorts of baseball-related content perfect for any kind of reader, but thanks to the Internet, you can get even the most niche of interests delivered immediately.

So you want something shocking and basebally? Heartwarming and basebally? Knowledge-filled and basebally?

Today, we show you six (completely real) books for any kind of reader. 



Southpaw by Frank King

Southpaw follows the fictional Oaktown Wolves, the most hapless team in the Pacific Coast League, on the 20th anniversary of their lone league title. As the body count rises, it's revealed that there was a terrible and ancient evil involved in that championship season. 

Really, this one is worth buying just for the cover art. I'm considering getting it as a face tattoo. 



Cutters Vs. Jocks, A Prequel Novella to Binding Arbitration by Elizabeth Marx

Not surprisingly, the world of baseball romance is wide and varied. It makes sense, what with all the square-jawed ballplayers playing under the sun all day, sweat dripping down their tight, toned and taut muscles as they twist and turn to throw 95-mph fastballs and drive out 450-foot home runs.

Is that not hot, or what? 

What sets this one apart isn't just the collegiate setting with baseball "jocks" taking on the "cutter" townies, but that apparently it's a primer for the baseball arbitration process. And that's a double bonus in the offseason. 


something real

Something Real (Moe Berg Mysteries Book 1) by Rick Wilber

Moe Berg's life was plenty interesting -- he was a Major League catcher, graduate of Princeton University and Columbia Law School and one-time spy who knew a variety of languages. That's all fine and dandy, but author Rick Wilber has finally managed to get to the real heart of the issue: Did Berg fight Nazis while saving multiple universes? 

I'm guessing the answer is yes. 



Summerland by Michael Chabon

Based on the rest of the books on this list, you probably wouldn't expect a Pulitzer Prize winner to show up. And yet, here we are. From the author of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay comes a young adult novel about three children who must win a game in the magical world known as Summerland to prevent the world from being destroyed. 

Which is why I never should have been allowed to commit all of those errors when I was in Little League -- I was risking the fate of the entire universe. 


haunted baseball

Field of Screams

Haunted Baseball and Field of Screams by Mickey Bradley and Dan Gordon

Finally the answer to all your metaphysical questions: Is there life after death and, if there is, do they get to watch baseball? Fortunately, Bradley and Gordon weren't restricted to just one book to answer that question, but two. 

Now get out there, writers, and pen the next great baseball classic.