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Smash Mouth is apparently on Twitter, wants Bryce Harper to know he'll love Dusty Baker

When not providing the summer soundtrack for Millennial children nationwide or wondering why we all can't just be friends, the members of Smash Mouth are pretty big fans of the San Francisco Giants -- the band hails from the Bay Area, after all. 

So it's only natural that they keep a special place in their heart for the teams of the early '00s, from Barry Bonds to Jeff Kent to savior of bat boys J.T. Snow. The manager of those squads? Sharp-dressed man Dusty Baker, who just a few days ago was announced as the new skipper of the Washington Nationals.

As devoted disciples of the Gospel of Dusty, Smash Mouth were big fans of the move, and they felt compelled to spread the good word to the people of D.C. So, of course, they went directly to the source: Bryce Harper.

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Smash Mouth, but we're going to reserve judgment until we see how Baker handles getting chocolate syrup stains out of his uniform.