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Smoltz playing catch with his 200th win ball, Johnson meeting Babe Ruth and other highlights from the HOF presser

Randy Johnson says he's excited to meet Babe Ruth

Randy Johnson on meeting Babe Ruth

The Big Unit was talking about his career and the difficulty he faced as a young pitcher who literally towered over the competition. He said that his height was a problem until he learned how to harness its power. He went on to say that he's humbled by the honor and that, while he never played the game with the goal of earning entry into Cooperstown, he's pretty jazzed about the opportunity to meet Babe Ruth.

We hope the meet-and-greet proves as inspirational as it was for Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez, who went on to pickle the beast and skate blue-line-to-blue-line in 1.9 seconds before putting his intense training to use and stopping for the first time to score a crucial goal against Team Iceland at the Junior Goodwill Games.

Babe Ruth

John Smoltz on his 200th win ball

One is sure to accumulate quite a collection of memorabilia over the course of a 21-year Hall of Fame career, like a baseball from one's 200th career win. At the presser, Smoltzie admitted that he lost track of which ball he kept to commemorate the milestone and ended up playing catch with it.