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Smoothest little kid ever catches ball from play, gives different ball to older girl in his section

Smooth kid catches ball and gives different one to older girl

Cue the Santana:

This smooth little kid was at Globe Life Park at Arlington for Saturday's Rangers-Blue Jays game and he must have brought his A-game along with his glove because he was nothing short of the smartest, most charming human being in the entire stadium.

The youngster already had a baseball in his dominant hand when he snagged another from Blue Jays third base coach Luis Rivera. Without hesitating, he turns around to face a row of older girls seated directly behind him. They're simply tickled by the kid's gall and charm as he presents one of them with a baseball. They don't notice the sleight of hand, though, as our hero never took the ball out of his glove, instead giving them whatever baseball he already had:

Smooth Tex Fan

Who is this kid and how did he learn to be smoother than McConaughey and have the time to become an Alliance-approved magician? 

Magician's Alliance

For those of you keeping score at home, this kid is the universe's way of counter-balancing the Butt Fumble.

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