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So, Vin Scully took over the Dodgers' Twitter account on Monday ...

In honor of his 85th birthday, Vin Scully took over the Dodgers' team Twitter account on Monday. The legendary broadcaster fielded questions ranging from his favorite TV show to his greatest moments in the booth. Here are some of his best twits -- er, tweets below:

The kind sir that he is, Scully thanked his fans for the birthday wishes.


In the booth, the 63-year vet relies on his instincts. And if you want him to start discussing sabermetrics, someone can teach him -- the same way he's being taught about "the" Twitter.
Then Vin took a moment to reflect on the fact that he was trending in the U.S.
Of course, the longtime broadcaster also has fine taste in TV. Can we get a Vin Scully cameo, please?
Unfortunately, Vin had to eventually sign off the Dodgers handle. You can read more of his tweets here. And yes, Mr. Scully, we look forward to "twittering" with you next season as well.
-- Matt Monagan /