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Eric Stonestreet got Sofia Vergara to hop on the Royals bandwagon and wish them good luck

Sofia Vergara records video message for the Royals

Emmy Award-winning actor and Royals superfan Eric Stonestreet is calling in favors all over the place to help motivate the Royals to their first World Series title since 1985. (And to win his ridiculous bet with Jimmy Kimmel.)

With his Royals clutching a 2-0 series lead over the Mets, Stonestreet took to Twitter to share proof that he'd convinced his "Modern Family" co-star Sofia Vergara to climb aboard the Royals bandwagon before it officially pulled out of the station. 

Vergara recorded a video message, listing team's projected Game 3 lineup and wishing them luck as the series shifts back to Flushing's Citi Field:

It won't be long before the whole Dunphy-Delgado-Tucker-Pritchett clan is slipping "1738" into their lines on the show. Well, save for Ty Burrell, of course ...

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