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Best midlife crisis ever: South Korean millionaire becomes pro ballplayer in U.S.

Incredibly wealthy people tend to be busy. When they're not buying enormous yachts, it's exotic animals, or miniature enormous yachts to amuse those exotic animals. South Korean tech enterpreneur Hur Min certainly qualifies as "incredibly wealthy" -- as of 2011, he reportedly possessed $900 million in assets -- but that lifestyle somehow isn't enough for him.

Though he's never played organized baseball before, 37-year-old Min will pitch for the Can-Am League's Rockland Boulders, a professional team based in Pomona, N.Y.

There's no reason to think Min won't succeed on the mound, despite his unlikely background. In fact, he's been honing his knuckleball for eight years, training with Hall of Famer Phil Niekro -- Knucksie himself. Min also founded the Goyang Wonders, South Korea's first independent baseball team.

Considering Min made his fortune on a game called Dungeon & Fighter, it's probably safe to say this guy has the coolest life ever. Every high-profile Korean actor in Hollywood (looking at you, Daniel Dae Kim) should be on the phone to his agent right now about negotiating the rights to Min's story. It's basically Brewster's Millions told in reverse order: