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Southerners rejoice: Waffle House to open at Turner Field

Photo: Braves

In important culinary news, the Braves confirmed that a Waffle House outpost would be opening at Turner Field. For the uninitiated, Waffle House is famous both for their eponymous treats as well as their gluttonous hashbrowns. Braves legend Chipper Jones was very, very excited about the new addition to his ballpark:

Okay, a couple caveats first:

1. The Waffle House at Turner Field has a limited menu -- the photo posted shows they'll only be serving waffles and hash browns. Then again, those two items are the entire reason one eats at Waffle House, so you're probably not too disappointed about that fact.

2. Most Braves games are played during the afternoon and evening times, as opposed to Waffle House's peak hours of around 1 a.m. But, if the Braves are involved in any crazy 19-inning games, you'll know where to mosey.

I can't stress how important this news is. Share it with your friends. Atlanta should be very proud -- not only that they have the NL East-leading franchise, but that they supply their fans with the greatest Georgian export since Coca-Cola.