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Sox fan freaks out (in a good way) after catching a foul ball

I've always wanted to catch a foul ball. I remember once, as a kid, I was sitting in a fairly empty section at a game and some guy a few rows ahead of me caught not one, not two but THREE foul balls. I've been going to games my entire life and have never caught one.

That's why I kind of sympathize with this Red Sox fan, who was more than ecstatic after catching a foul ball Monday at Fenway. Jumping for joy with tears in your eyes is exactly how I'd respond. In fact, I'd probably go even farther.

If it was me, I'd cry; take my shirt off and wave it in the air; propose to the random pretty girl sitting next to me; cry after she rejects me; offer her the ball as a dowry; cry again after she says no; turn to her friend and offer her the ball for her hand in marriage; spend the next fifty years together ...

I just want a foul ball, is what I'm getting at.

-- Jeremy Moses /