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'Space Jays' is the best '80s cartoon about a 2013 MLB team ever made

R.A. Dickey as a grizzled space cowboy. Ricky "Roboto" Romero as an android whose laser blasts gain accuracy when sinking motion is applied to them. A surprising attack from a Pirate ship from another galaxy (or at least a different league) piloted by former mate Travis Snider. A Rush performance playing on a background video display.

Please, just do yourself a favor and watch this incredible work of art:

Its creator is Cashew Mirman, who was also responsible for telling the story of the 2013 Jays as an 8-bit video game. What's next in creative, predictive interpretations of Toronto's 2013 squad? A police procedural? Claymation? A black-and-white silent film? Whatever Mirman comes up with next, I'm definitely watching.

-- Dan Wohl /

h/t Big League Stew