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Ever wondered what a day in the life of a Cardinals batboy is like? You're in luck.

What a day in the life of a Cardinals batboy is like

To be honest, I never really considered the life of a batboy. Sure, I'd see the men and women running across the field, collecting balls and looking roughly one-quarter the size of the Major Leaguers that surrounded them, but I just assumed they sort of spawned out of the ground when the game began like villains in a video game.

Turns out, that assumption was incorrect. Because they are people -- just like you or me -- that just happen to be in charge of baseball bats and various sundries.

But what do they do all day when the game isn't going on? Greg and Trey, two Cardinals batboys, peeled back the veil and let us get a glmpse. 

Beyond all the in-game work like running bats to players and balls to the umpires, they actually have to arrive about four hours before the game to fill up the water coolers and get the dugout ready for the game. They then stay for another few hours once the game is over to clean up the dugout and bullpen, do some laundry and clean the cleats. 

Not so bad when this is their view, though: 


Of course, the one thing they didn't mention was that they are also the sworn protectors of the great secret the Cardinals have locked in the basement which lets them turn mid-round draft picks into superstars over and over again. 

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