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St. Louis ushers chow down for a good cause

How do you keep 366 ushers entertained throughout the season? Hot dog eating contests, apparently.

Prior to Tuesday night's game against the Dodgers, 10 lucky -- or unlucky, depending how you look at it -- ushers squared off for gastronomic greatness as they attacked Busch Stadium's Giant Slugger, a 2.75-pound, two-foot long heap of hot dog, chili, cheese, onions, jalapeño and bread.

But on this day, not only were the aisle-dwellers rooting on their favorite competitive eater, they were also coming together for a greater cause.

Ushers not participating were given the opportunity to pledge a donation to the participant of their choice. Proceeds from the contest benefitted Halle Bloom, a three-year old girl who is battling a brain tumor.

The ushers reached their goal of $2,500.

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