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'Staches propel Descalso in '80 baseball card challenge

Remember the days when opening a pack of baseball cards provided a fleeting moment of excitement?

The prospect of pulling a rare insert was often met with the disappointment of opening a pack full of bench players. At least there was usually a stick of gum.

Fox Sports Midwest has brought back that feeling with the Old "Skool" Baseball Card Tournament. Here's how it works:

Cardinals players open 1988 Topps wax packs and accrue points for discovering different types of cards. A Hall of Famer is worth 10 points. A former Cardinal is worth six. A great '80s mustache is worth four. And a Cub is minus two. You get the picture.

Daniel Descalso and Jon Jay went head-to-head in Tuesday's installment, with both Dave Martinez and John Kruk making key appearances.

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