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Obi Wan Cano-Bi and Lando Cal Ripken: It's the baseball-'Star Wars' mashup of your dreams

It's the MLB-Star Wars mashup of your dreams

On Thursday, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" finally premiered. We were excited. You were excited. Sean Doolittle was really, really excited:

Yes, MLB has "Star Wars" fever, but did you know that "Star Wars" has MLB fever, too? In a world as big as the Expanded Universe, did you really think there was no baseball? Life in the Empire can't be all battling with light sabers and zooming around in TIE fighters. Sometimes, you just want to watch the game. So here's your introduction to ELB (Empire League Baseball), the "Star Wars"-baseball mashup of your dreams.


Wampa Bay Rays


The Wampa Bay Rays are extremely competitive, but they prefer to play away games because their home uniforms are really bulky.


San Diego Padmes


The Padmes are a delightful team, but their fans take losses really hard.


Colorado Wookiees


Let's just say, no one charges the mound when a Wookiee is pitching.


Minnesota Twins


Frankly, we're surprised that MLB's Twins haven't adopted Luke and Leia as their mascots. After all, Phil Hughes is already a known Jedi.


Key Players

Admiral Aybar


Admiral Aybar doesn't get stuck in rundowns. He's had his experience with traps.


Kemp-eror Palpatine


It's a compliment! He's very, very powerful. 


Obi Wan Cano-bi


He's his team's only hope … especially when it comes to intra-division battles.


Lando Cal Ripken


Cloud City, Charm City -- it makes sense to us.



How can you tell if a baseball player has a lot of power? Check his Miggy-chlorian count. Of course, you can also evaluate players using … light sabermetrics. And what do you call it when the home team scores a run that wins the game in bottom of the last inning? It's an … Ewok-off!