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The Reds are being pranked at the Marte Partay: Outfielder steals hit with another great catch

Reds are pranked by another great Marte catch

You know all of those '80s movies where a group of capital-N Nerds find themselves with an invite to the hottest high school party of the year? And then when they arrive at said party, expecting a good time filled with drink and dance, it's actually just a set-up by Tad McManaman, the rich, blonde-haired son of a local politician and captain of the football team?

This weekend, the Reds have learned that they are the nerds at the Marte Partay. On Friday night, Marte cut down the tying run at the plate in the bottom of the ninth before making an amazing diving catch one batter later to end the game


One night later, as the party raged on because the parents decided to spend an extra night in Martha's Vineyard, Marte did it again. 

With two outs in the bottom of the first, Jay Bruce came to the plate with a man on base. He laced a line drive to left-center, certain that this would finally put him on the social radar of Becky McGilvey, the girl who sits next to him in Algebra and doesn't even know he exists. 

Unfortunately, this was the Marte Partay and the fix was in. Marte raced, dove, and the rest is history. 


Sorry, Reds, but when at the Marte Partay, you're hanging with Anthony Michael Hall in the corner. 


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