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Starting Nine: Brew Crewsin'

Many things are happening -- on Cut4, in baseball and out there in the rest of the world. Here are nine you need to know about today:

1. Strong Brew
Milwaukee won its ninth straight Tuesday against the Padres behind Yovani Gallardo's solid 6 2/3 innings of work and two RBIs a piece from Yuniesky Betancourt and Jonathan Lucroy. After starting the season 2-8, the Brewers are just a half-game out of first place in the NL Central.

2. Upton, Upton and away
The Braves' brothers are at it again. B.J. and Justin hit back-to-back homers on Tuesday, helping Atlanta sweep a doubleheader over the Rockies at a frigid Coors Field.

3. The return of Papa Grande
After experimenting with a closer-by-committee approach, the Tigers re-signed veteran stopper Jose Valverde to one-year contract on Tuesday to fill the ninth-inning role. Saves will be had, water shall be spit.

4. You're on Manny time now
Former MLB slugger Manny Ramirez hit his third homer in Taiwan, and you can probably crab crawl to your boss's office and back by the time he rounds the bases. Seriously, try it.

5. Vin Scully, Dishwasher
The legendary Dodgers broadcaster talked about his first job in an interview with NBC4 Los Angeles, and it might be worse than this one.

6. The Food, Baltimore edition
With crab fries, Korean barbecue, bacon sticks and Maryland's famous Old Bay seasoning, Camden Yards is challenging for best ballpark eats in baseball.

7. Star-Spangled Delaney
It's official. Comedian Rob Delaney will be singing the national anthem at Dodger Stadium this Friday. Word has it he sounds like a falcon greeting the sunrise.

8. Who are you, @miketrout?
Some ballplayers missed out on the chance to claim their own names as their Twitter handles. Molly Fitzpatrick investigates the case of Mike Trout in this edition of Lost Twitters of Major League Baseball.

9. Just because: A super-cut of 1999
Relive the days when you listened to Slim Shady, played Mario Kart, saw dead people and were made sick by Chinese food.

-- Cut4 Staff