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Starting Nine: Chicago disappears into the mist

1. Fog engulfed Chicago on Monday night, disrupting play during the Cubs-Reds and White Sox-Blue Jays games. Here's a handy visual rundown of all that went on.

2. The Red Sox beat the Rays 10-8 yesterday, and the game had it all. Great plays, long home runs, extra innings and oh yeah, a near-brawl:

3. The Royals beat the Tigers 3-2 and have now won six straight, which means ... they're going streaking!


4. We love Bark in the Park. It's basically a holiday for us, but unlike Christmas, it comes more than once a year. Here are the highlights from the D-backs version of MLB's cutest promotion.

5. The action on the field is never limited to just the players. With fans falling on the field or rogue balloons planning an escape, you never know what you'll see. This video of a home plate umpire falling on his face may not, by itself, be as amazing as the other ballpark sights, but the GIF of his fellow umpire laughing at him sure is.

Mike Muchlinski

6. What's that, Mark DeRosa? You're trying to do an interview with the Intentional Talk guys? Well, Munenori Kawasaki wants to join in. Sorry, pal, what Muni wants, Muni gets -- especially when it turns out like this:

7. R.A. Dickey, Carlos Santana, Shin-soo Choo -- all are MLBers with fantastic names. Are they the best names in MLB? Who can say. When it comes to the newly drafted prospects, we've got a totally objective (read: not at all) list of the top 20 best names. Who wouldn't buy a Forrestt Allday jersey?

8. The Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs will meet to play Game 3 of the NBA Finals on Tuesday night. Let us look into the past to learn about the future:


9. Who wants a blurry Vine of Kanye West performing new stuff at NYC's Governors Ball? You do! 

-- Cut4 Staff