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Starting Nine: Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto

1. With the help of Google Fiber and a telerobotic pitching machine, 13-year-old A's fan Nick LeGrande threw out Wednesday's first pitch in Oakland -- all the way from his native Kansas City.

2. No brawl this time, but the D-backs did battle it out with the Dodgers for 12 innings on Wednesday. Arizona won 8-6 and among the many highlights was Hyun-Jin Ryu's first-ever MLB triple.

... and it looks like Clayton Kershaw was a liiiitle bit excited.

Dodgers celebration

3. The  Dodgers and D-backs will also open the 2014 season with a two-game series in Australia. This is approximately what we're expecting:

4. See if you can guess what team this guy was rooting for.

Tigers fan

5. Whoa. Tim Hudson is an innovator: we've never seen anyone else use a rosin bag to dry off their head.

6. We suspect Allen Craig and David Lough are harboring secret ambitions of side careers in gymnastics -- check out their two amazing tumbles from earlier this week.

7. International treasure Muni Kawasaki treated Blue Jays fans to a stirring rendition of "O Canada."

8. These two awesome octogenarians didn't let a heart attack keep them from visiting every single MLB stadium.

9. In the greatest M. Night Shyamalan twist of all time, M. Night Shyamalan revealed that he ghostwrote the script for the 1999 romantic comedy She's All That. That's right -- the director who brought you The Sixth Sense and Signs was also responsible for this:

-- Cut4 Staff