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Starting Nine: Gee-whiz!

Many things are happening -- on Cut4, in baseball and out there in the rest of the world. Here are nine you need to know about today:

1. Dillon Gee was positively on fire on Thursday, striking out 12 Yankees in 7 1/3 innings as the Mets swept their crosstown rivals. That's worthy of the top spot on Starting Nine any day.

2. Some people say pitcher wins are an incomplete stat. But even those people would probably agree that Travis Wood earned a victory Thursday against the White Sox, especially when they see this:

3. Jacoby Ellsbury is so fast, he probably stole another base while you were reading this sentence. Don't believe us? He stole five last night, setting a new Red Sox record. See for yourself:

4. Lou Ferrigno stopped by Citizen's Bank Park last night and threw out the first pitch. He also bonded with another iconic green character:


5. Thursday was Manny Ramirez's birthday, and we celebrated by enjoying six of his greatest moments from his time overseas. Here's a sneak peek:

6. San Diego's fans don't need gloves or proper footing to make a great foul catch. Here's one making a leaping, barehanded grab:

Padres Fan

7. Cubs, White Sox -- what can bring these teams and fanbases together? The Blackhawks' breathtaking win, of course:

8. Do you like the Bachelor? You're in good company -- apparently, Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford does too.

9. Hey, LeBron, did the Pacers win Game 5 in Miami?


-- Cut4 Staff