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Starting Nine: Marlins and Mets play 30 innings in two games

1. The Marlins and Mets played MLB's first 20-inning game in more than three years on Saturday. The marathon ended with a Miami victory, only to be followed on Sunday by another extra-innings game, which also ended in a win for the Fish.

2. It's hard to imagine a better fill-in start than the one Jose Alvarez turned in for the Tigers. Alvarez, who was substituting for Anibal Sanchez, struck out seven and allowed one earned run in a win over Cleveland.

3. Funny or Die took over @MLB, @Braves and @Dodgers on Sunday, providing us with some little-known historical factoids like this:

4. If you're lucky enough to catch a foul ball at a game, make sure you have a firm grip on it before thrusting it in the air to celebrate. Learn from this Blue Jays fan's fail:

5. Cliff Lee would appear to be a big fan of Twizzlers. A young fan offered him one while he was waiting to bat, and he eagerly accepted it.

6. Our old friend Manny Ramirez is still doing Manny-like things in Taiwan, only now with a soundtrack of Taiwanese announcers saying completely inexplicable and hilarious things (in English) in response to them:

7. After the Spurs took Game 1 of the NBA Finals, the Heat rebounded in Game 2 with a 103-84 rout. The play of the game came when LeBron James blocked Tiago Splitter's dunk attempt so viciously the sound could be heard in Splitter's home country of Brazil:

8. Cut4 Song of the Day, in honor of what LeBron said to Tiago:

9. Tesla CEO/SpaceX CEO/IRL Tony Stark Elon Musk has been hinting at a new transportation system called "Hyperloop" which would get you from San Francisco to Los Angeles in half an hour. He's been cryptic on the details so far, but some very smart people have been putting the pieces together to predict how it might work.

-- Cut4 Staff