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Starting Nine: O Captain! My Captain!

1. Derek Jeter returned to action for the Yankees on Thursday, recording a hit and a run in an 8-4 win over the Royals. But the Captain left the game in the fifth with a tight quad and is headed for an MRI:

2. Freddie Freeman and Steve Delabar earned spots in the All-Star Game via the Final Vote. Freeman showed us why he belongs on the NL team during the Braves' 6-5 win over the Reds:

3. Oh, and Chris Davis hit his 34th home run on Thursday:

4. After hitting a grand slam for the White Sox, phenom Josh Phegley looks more promising than ever. Hawk Harrelson definitely thinks so.

5. David Robertson didn't win the Final Vote, but he did win Best RuPaul-Inspired Final Vote Video:

6. Mascots in pajamas? Mascots in pajamas.

7. Rajai Davis swung at a pitch that was really, really far outside on Thursday. Somewhere, Vlad Guerrero is smiling.

8. MLB's FanFest kicks off Friday at the Javits Center. We'll see you there -- you might just end up on tomorrow's Starting Nine.

9. "Blurred Lines" ... Cosby-style:

-- Cut4 Staff