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Starting Nine: Welcome to the Majors, Gerrit Cole

1. The Pirates' Gerrit Cole crushed his first-ever Major League start on Tuesday. The No. 1 pick in the 2011 Draft shut out the Giants into the seventh inning -- while also grabbing a hit and two RBIs -- earning an 8-2 win over San Francisco.

We compared Cole's performance to other top-pick pitching debuts, and Amy Crawford found herself torn between rooting for boyfriend Gerrit and brother Brandon.

2. The benches cleared twice during a tense bout between the D-backs and the Dodgers that culminated in a seventh-inning brawl. Six players were ejected before Los Angeles secured a 5-3 victory.


3. It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Superfan!


4. Did Ian Kinsler really nap through his teammate's home run celebration?


5. We all love Mike Trout. Apparently, so does fellow Angels outfielder Peter Bourjos, who decided to pay homage to Trout's 2012 home run-rob of J.J. Hardy by -- well, renacting it almost exactly:

6. Tuesday was a big night for soccer in the US, with the US Men's National Team defeating Panama in the World Cup qualifiers, and Yankee Stadium hosting a friendly between the national teams of Spain and Ireland.


7. The Royals may have Billy Butler's BBQ sauce to thank for their recent six-game winning streak. In addition to working its #RallySauce magic, Billy's Hit It a Ton also makes a great cuddle-buddy:

8. The Spurs trounced the Heat, 113-77, in Game 3 of the NBA Finals on Tuesday night. San Antonio's fans and the Warriors' Steph Curry met the occasion with some masterful trolling:

9. Speaking of basketball, Jimmy Kimmel Live invited NBA players and commentators to read rude fan messages aloud in the latest edition of Mean Tweets.

-- Cut4 Staff