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Check out MLB's fastest non-Aroldis Chapman pitches with the Statcast 'Chapman Filter'

Statcast introduces the 'Chapman Filter' for pitches

According to the Statcast™ leaderboard, Aroldis Chapman's 103.9-mph fastball to Brian Dozier on June 29 was the fastest pitch in MLB so far this season. The second-fastest pitch came exactly a month later on July 29: Chapman's 103.9-mph fastball to Yadier Molina (second because it had a slightly lower perceived velocity). The third-fastest pitch this season was Chapman's 103.8-mph fastball, again to Dozier on June 29. The fourth was another 103.8-mph Chapman fastball …

OK, so you probably know Chapman throws faster than anyone in MLB. He made All-Stars look like they were picking up a baseball bat for the very first time, and the Statcast™ leaderboard for fastest pitches this season is composed entirely of his offerings.

But in the interest of knowledge, and because people might want to know who can throw the fastest non-Chapman pitch, Statcast™ has introduced the "Chapman Filter."

Here's the top five fastest with the filter off:


And here are the top five with the Chapman Filter engaged:


Congratulations to Bruce Rondon, whose four-seam fastball to Caleb Joseph (which resulted in a two-run single) is the 102nd-fastest pitch thrown this season. Chapman has the first 101. 


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