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All the celebration metrics you've ever wanted: Statcasting the Royals' World Series-winning joy

How does one celebrate a World Series victory? How does the human body show off the joy of a lifetime of work being rewarded with baseball immortality?

Basically, running and jumping, as evidenced by the Royals gathering for a regular hoedown at the mound. At least, if you're not setting off enough fireworks to change the weather in your city

But which player showed off the most enthusiasm? Rather than using subjective measures, we're using the hard science of Statcast™ to get down to the info you most want to know. 

Not surprising given that his legs are more like a classic hot rod with the flames painted on the side, Lorenzo Cain led the team at 17.1 mph, though Alex Gordon was just behind at 16 mph. 


While the outfielders had a chance to build up some steam as they raced in from the outfield, the infielders didn't have the distance to be able to cannonball their way in. So in some ways, the fact that Ben Zobrist made it up to 9.4 mph and Alcides Escobar got up to 9.5 mph is very impressive. Especially considering how much energy was used on their plyometric leaps around the infield. 

Sadly, we don't yet have the ability to track the Royals' offseason activities, like how many hours of video games Salvador Perez will play or how fast Gordon walks through the grocery store. One day, though, one day.