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Stephen Amell finally met Josh Donaldson, made good on his promise to hit a BP home run

Jon Cram, / Real-Time Correspondent

Green Arrow, aka Stephen Amell, aka a doorman from a single episode of "Degrassi: The Next Generation," has been campaigning pretty hard for Josh Donaldson's All-Star case. He's been making Facebook videos to get out the vote and generally expressing his love for the Blue Jays third baseman. He even asked fans to draw pictures of he and Donaldson high-fiving (they obliged).

But on Sunday, Amell got to meet his favorite ASG candidate in person:


Look at them, sitting together like old friends. 


Amell even took BP with the Blue Jays, something he'd been working on for a while. When the actor took some practice hacks earlier in the month, he said he was sure he could "go yard in a Major League ballpark."

And guess what? He was right:

It seems like Amell generally gets want he wants (see above! He got that high five!). For example: 

Of course, Donaldson obliged: 

Vote Donaldson (it's what Stephen Amell wants you to do): Esurance MLB All-Star Ballot

Photos by Jon Cram, / Real-Time Correspondent.