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Baseball players, they're just like us: Steven Matz commutes to World Series from parents' house

Steven Matz commutes from his parents' house to WS

There are a few things that we assume about Major League ballplayers: They play video games whenever they want, eat all the hot dogs and ice cream they can and never have anyone asking them to help mow the lawn. 

Well, that's probably not the case for Steven Matz.  

The Mets' rookie starter, who is scheduled to start Game 4 of the World Series on Saturday night, hails from Long Island and has moved back in with his folks since returning from injury. 

It makes sense. After all, not only does it probably mean no rent, Mom's cooking and shared laundry duties, but the commute isn't even bad. 

"We're on off hours, so we don't really hit much traffic," said Matz. "It's been pretty awesome that I've been able to do that." 

Though Matz will need to make sure that he leaves early enough for his start on Saturday. You know, just in case his parents ask him to run a few errands for them on his way out the door.  

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