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Episode 32 of the Cut4Cast: The Best Smile in MLB

Listen to Episode 32 of the Cut4Cast

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As the regular season draws to a close, baseball fans across the globe like to look back and reflect on the year gone by. Some might ask themselves, "Who was the best pitcher?" or "Which rookie was the most fun to watch?" We posit that there is an equally important but much less-discussed query:

Which MLB player has the best smile?

Thankfully, the Cut4 staff discussed that hot topic on this week's episode of the Cut4Cast.

Dakota GardnerGemma Kaneko and Ian Kay also created some new off-beat end-of-season awards and debated some tweaks to the postseason format that include, among other things, the establishment of an island stadium called, naturally, "Postseason Island."

Here's a helpful listening guide so you can find the topic you're most interested in:

7:34 -- If you could create a new end-of-season award, what would it be?

18:08 -- How would you change the postseason format?

28:00 -- Which MLB player has the best smile?

And, if you listen to the whole episode, you'll get to learn why we said these things:

Gemma: "I like things that I can just decide on subjectively, with only my opinion being the right one."

Ian: "Start the 2016 in July. Just play doubleheaders, then you're playing one 2015 game and one 2016 game. I've been saying this for a long time. Just give me more."

Dakota: "That's my distant relative: Jeff Francoeur."