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Episode 36 of the Cut4Cast: How to Make it Through the Offseason

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Did you feel it?

Like clockwork, the final game of the World Series finished and things just got ... colder. Sure, there was a parade and, yes, the Hot Stove is ready to be set ablaze, but the winter doldrums are here in earnest. There's no more baseball until Spring Training 2016.

On this week's episode of the Cut4Cast, Dakota Gardner, Gemma Kaneko and Ian Kay reflected on some of what made the Fall Classic so thrilling to watch and looked forward to what the 2016 season might entail.

But, don't be afraid off the coming snow and long, baseball-less nights: The Cut4Cast will be here all winter to help stave off cabin fever. Here's what the team discussed:

8:00 -- Other than a parade, what traditions should be involved in winning the World Series?

17:24 -- What are you most looking forward to in the 2016 season?

25:35 -- What are the best ways to get through the offseason?

And, if you listen, you'll learn why we said these things:

Ian: "I'm a terrible fan and a mediocre reporter."

Gemma: "I'll drink a lot of hot chocolate, and just not leave my apartment, and make a fort out of blankets, and stay in it for five months."

Dakota: "Rule of thumb: Always dress nicely. You never know when you're gonna be the guy not dressed nicely."