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Stylin' and profilin' at Rays Charity Golf Tournament

Jake McGee is proud of his Irish heritage. He and his wife, Morgan McNally, flew to Northern Ireland over the holidays to visit the region their ancestors called home. But apparently, his Irish pride has its boundaries. The reliever won't wear a kilt on the golf course.

The Rays Charity Golf Tournament was held Monday in Bradenton, Fla., and McGee and his kilt-clad teammates from Advantica claimed third place. McGee, who instead wore an Atlanta Falcons polo, also won the long-drive contest.

Joe Maddon and the entire coaching staff arrived in camouflage pants "because we're shooting birdies," explained bench coach Dave Martinez. For more, check out the photo gallery.

Pitching coach Jim Hickey's team won first place, and a group led by Cesar Ramos -- perhaps the best golfer in the Rays clubhouse, with an 8 handicap -- finished second.

--Dave Haller / Real-Time Correspondent. Photo courtesy of Steven Kovich  

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