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Super Bowl Countdown: Bill Belichick wears a Tony La Russa jersey and stares into your soul

Remember when Bill Belichick wore a La Russa jersey?

As we approach Super Bowl XLIX, we remember the moments when a few members of the Patriots and Seahawks osmosed through the cross-sports membrane and found themselves in the world of MLB. Today: That time Bill Belichick wore a Tony La Russa jersey.

Bill Belichick is not a man known for frivolity. He has a stern football mind that remains resolutely focused on the sport, even in the face of such persistent distractions as "Deflate-gate." But there are certain humans to whom Belichick remains loyal, and who can get him to break character, if ever so slightly.

To support his long-time friend Tony La Russa ahead of Game 7 of the 2011 World Series, Belichick donned a No. 10 La Russa Cardinals jersey and strolled through the Patriots locker room.


It worked, too -- the Cardinals beat the Rangers, 6-2, and clinched the World Series.

No wonder Belichick's La Russa jersey was effective -- the combined focus of Belichick and La Russa is enough to burrow into souls:


Maybe La Russa will sport a Patriots jersey this week to pay him back. 

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