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Super Bowl Countdown: Legion of Boom welcomes Nelson Cruz to Seattle

Legion of Boom welcomes Nelson Cruz to Seattle

As we approach Super Bowl XLIX, we remember the moments when a few members of the Patriots and Seahawks osmosed through the cross-sports membrane and found themselves in the world of MLB. Today: when the Legion of Boom welcomed Nelson Cruz into their ranks.

Shortly after the Mariners signed Nelson Cruz in December, he was welcomed into the ranks of the Seahawks' Legion of Boom. But that doesn't mean that just anyone can hang out with Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas. Just take a look at Cruz's application:



Some of his previous accomplishments include leading the AL in home runs in 2014:

And under "special skills" it just says "clutch":


But this was always Cruz's destiny. Where else can you go when your Twitter handle is @ncboomstick23? Plus, it's cool to invite your carpool buddies to join your clubs. You have to find something to talk about on the trip. 

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