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Superheroes take a day off from defending the world against evil to enjoy a game at Citi Field

Superheroes enjoy Mets' walk-off win at Citi Field

The Dark Knight pitched at Citi Field on Wednesday for the Mets, but the rest of his super-brethren were in attendance for Thursday night's game against the Giants, because even superheroes need to take a day off and enjoy a ballgame every once in a while.

Right, Spidey?


Citi Field hosted CosPlay Night with Eternal Con, and the city's superfolk turned out in droves. It makes sense, considering the Mets were nearly superheroes themselves. And if you're worried that their evening spent eating hot dogs and watching Michael Cuddyer give the Mets a walk-off win left the world susceptible to evil, don't worry: The supervillains were there, too.


Also, this super … banana? We were going to disagree, but then we remembered the potassium scene in "Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves!" and well, super-status granted.


OK, everybody -- now back to work. 

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