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#TBT: 17 years ago, the Giants and Rangers played the first Interleague game in MLB history

Interleague play started on this day in 1997

Interleague Play is familiar to all baseball fans today, especially since it became an everyday reality in 2013. But back on June 12, 1997, AL vs. NL play during the regular season was a new concept. As you can see in the above video, the Giants beat the Rangers 4-3 in the first game in Interleague history.

Darren Oliver, whose 20-year career ended just last year, took the loss and Mark Gardner earned the win. Giants right fielder Stan Javier hit the first Interleague home run, Rangers center fielder Damon Buford scored the first run and Glenallen Hill became the first NL DH. Glenallen Hill hit baseballs HARD.

As of Tuesday, the AL leads the NL in victories, 2,303-2,092, and the Yankees have the best winning percentage at .592. Nick Markakis leads in batting average (.353), Jim Thome leads in homers (64), Mark Buerhle is tops in wins (25) and Mariano Rivera has the most saves (68). Oh, and the White Sox and Cubs probably recorded the best bench-clearing fracas back in 2006:


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