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Anthony Rizzo tried out his pitching skills during warmups, and his teammates were not kind

Let's face it: Pitcher is a pretty glamorous position. There's a reason every kid's backyard fantasies take place on the mound -- pitchers are center stage, with the ball in their hands and everyone watching. They've even got their very own award. 

So, it's no surprise that, while warming up before the Cubs took on the Reds on Monday, Chicago first baseman Anthony Rizzo allowed himself to dream of an alternate, side-winding universe:

Not bad! With that funky arm angle and some late movement, he might be a LOOGY in the making. Undoubtedly feeling threatened by their teammate's newfound prowess, the rest of the Cubs' pitching staff made it clear that they were less than impressed:

Luckily, though, the Cubs (and Anthony Rizzo's side-eye) had his back:

But then, starter Jake Arrieta took things to a whole new level:

Oof. Sure, poo emojis are one thing, but that cuts deep. And to make matters worse, Rizzo's own team couldn't resist piling on:

Et tu, @Cubs?