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Technically, Matt Dominguez reached base on a wardrobe malfuction

Rangers' Odor fields grounder with shirt

More often than not, guys reach base one of four ways: hit, walk, error, hit by pitch. Obviously, the occasional interference call or dropped third strike can put a pitcher in a jam too. But, baseball is weird and the possibilities are infinite, which might begin to explain how Astros third baseman Matt Dominguez reached base on a wardrobe malfunction against the Rangers on Monday night.

Dominguez was at the plate with nobody on in the bottom of the sixth when Rangers hurler Colby Lewis induced a ground ball to second base. Rangers infield prospect Rougned Odor must have been studying his Tom Emanski instructional videos because he employs some wonderful fundamentals, sliding over, squaring up toward the plate and blocking the bouncing ball with his body.

Odor Wardrobe Malfunction

A lot of good it did him, though, as the english on the grounder spun it right between the buttons of his jersey. Dominguez was obviously safe at first and Odor had to fish the thing out of his uniform so the game could continue. 

Even Emanski and his back-to-back-to-back AAU national championships couldn't help Odor on that one.

McGriff Commercial

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