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Teddy Roosevelt's long Nationals nightmare is over

This is truly an era of dreams for Washington baseball. Not only are the Nationals division winners for the first time in their history, but on Wednesday an accomplishment of nearly the same magnitude was finally achieved. For the first time in the seven-year history of the event, Teddy Roosevelt is your Presidents Race champion.

Over the 526 races that have been run since 2006, George, Tom and Abe have each put together win totals in the triple digits. Even Jayson Werth -- who is neither a former president, nor a mascot -- has won. But never once had Teddy crossed the finish line first.

It seemed Teddy rededicated himself to winning over the past week, receiving motivation from Sen. John McCain, personal training from John Cena and shoes from Usain Bolt (maybe?).

It looked at first like he was heading for defeat on Wednesday as well, lagging behind the pack badly at first. But the three other Presidents did not account for the "Phillie Fakenatic," representing the visiting Philadelphia club, ambushing them. Unlike Werth, the Fakenatic's actions were not to help Teddy -- the Fakenatic wanted to win himself.

But Teddy wasn't having it. It was a dead sprint between him and the Fakenatic for the finish, and Teddy summoned all the strength he had to triumph for the Nationals as CeCe Peniston's "Finally" blared and 37,015 fans roared their approval.

Even Sen. McCain congratulated Teddy:

Watch Teddy's historic victory:

-- Dan Wohl /

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