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From epic tantrums to fuzzy animals, these are the 10 most fun managerial hijinks from 2015

A manager's job is to help control and guide the team. They mostly operate behind the scenes, entering the field of play only to change pitchers or argue the rules.

But sometimes, more than just a telling smile from the dugout slips through. A lost temper in the middle of a game, a hilarious joke tossed out during a press conference, Joe Maddon doing whatever it is that Joe Maddon does. To celebrate their role as Team Dad, here are the 10 best manager moments from 2015: 

Pat Kelly's deodorant commercial


You'll never learn anything if you don't take risks. Penicillin was born out of a mistake, as were chocolate chip cookies. Sure, we probably won't be buying rosin bag deodorant any time soon, but Pat Kelly did his best to find out if it worked anyway. And for that he should be commended. 

Buck Showalter: Not a connoisseur of Star Wars

Star Wars has taken over Earth, much like Senator Palpatine took over the Republic.

That did not trickle down to Buck Showalter, however. The Orioles manager doesn't even know who, or what, Yoda is.  

That's okay, though. He's probably just a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fan



Ned Yost is the cymbal banging monkey


If that really is what Yost sees every time he goes out in Kansas City these days, I'm afraid that Royals skipper may be a Lovecraftian character seeing beyond the veil separating the two worlds.  

Joe Mikulik's punt


The Beatles are pop music's biggest-ever band. Pizza is the world's greatest food. And Joe Mikulik is the GOAT at getting kicked out of ballgames. In 2015, he mixed baseball with football as he auditioned for an NFL punting job that he, sadly, never got. Mostly because I want to see him ejected from a football game. 

Terry Collins gets kissed

Sure, Terry Collins wasn't doing the kissing, but after leading the team past the Dodgers and into the NLCS, he did have the most kissable cheeks in the Major Leagues. 

Dan Jennings gets dressed


This year, the Marlins tried out a new idea. What if we made our GM ... our manager! Miami will have a more traditional choice in Don Mattingly manning the dugout next season, but Dan Jennings' tenure as skipper was certainly an interesting experiment. Even if there was some early confusion for the players, like when Ichiro dressed him in a tie

Lloyd McClendon's dance

McClendon is well known for elevating his ejections into art. But in 2015, he gave new meaning and depth with a performance that words simply cannot describe. It is motion and beauty and all the power that man has to yell at the heavens in one. 

Jimmy Rollins is manager for a day

He may not be ready to hang 'em up yet, but when he does, he'll already have "Interim Manager: Dodgers - 2015. 

After 16 years in the Major Leagues, Rollins knows he has to start thinking of the next step in his career. He may not be ready to hang 'em up yet, but when he does, he'll already have "Interim Manager: Dodgers - 2015.. Filled out lineup card and handled changed pitchersone day" on his resume. 

Joe Maddon's Menagerie

Eminently quotable with an eye towards romantic comedy-esque hijinks, Maddon is an endless source of fun. But for us, nothing was better than when he brought zoo animals to Wrigley Field. Not just for having a bevy of exotic creatures within Wrigley's ivy-colored walls, but because how adorable is it to see baseball players with cute baby animals?  

Pat Murphy is Loki, the Trickster God

But if one moment was truly the best, it belongs to the Padres' interim manager, Pat Murphy. With baseball writers on red alert and Twitter-ers on #HugAlert, Murphy knew just what he was doing when he pulled Justin Upton from the game in the eighth inning on July 29. 

That's trolling at its finest.