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The 25 best baseball player Twitter handles

Which baseball players are winning social media with their humorous account names? Let's count them down, and let us know if we missed any good ones in the comments.

25. L.J. Hoes, Baltimore: @MRLJHOES2U

Between the lines he may be L.J., but Mr. Hoes thanks you for addressing him with decorum appropriate for the Twitterverse.

24. Clay Rapada, New York Yankees: @pada5something

There's a great pun in his name somewhere, but Rapada is still trying to figure it out.

23. Jeremy Barfield, Oakland: @Baseclogger

Barfield isn't kidding with this self-deprecating appellation. The 6-5, 220-lb outfielder has stolen exactly one base in each of his last four Minor League seasons.

22. Miles Mikolas, San Diego: @lastoneformiles

If Mikolas has a second career as a singer-songwriter after his baseball days are over, this would be a great title for his first album.

21. Shane Robinson, St. Louis: @SUGASHANE43

Sugar Shane Mosley held six different major world championships during his career. Sugar Shane Robinson won a World Series ring in 2011. Makes sense.

20. Chad Jenkins, Toronto: @Jenknutz

Chad Jenkins must be one nutty dude.

19. Erik Komatsu, Washingon: @KomoBeatz

Komatsu has two careers: baseball player, and music producer. Presumably this handle references the latter.

18. Cameron Maybin, San Diego: @spidermayb24

Ever notice how the Daily Bugle's Padres coverage never includes photos from Peter Parker?

17. Everett Teaford, Kansas City: @ETeaparty25

Spielbergian alien, Revolutionary history buff, Glenn Beck acolyte: There are a lot of possible readings here.

16. Sean Doolittle, Oakland: @whatwouldDOOdo

I guess you have to follow to find out!

15. Emilio Bonifacio, Toronto: @Elboni_1

Either Bonifacio loves macaroni and cheese, is interested in going to medical school to focus on arthrology, or this is simply a wonderfully random pun.

14. Ryan Rowland-Smith, free agent: @hyphen18

Rowland-Smith was the first Major Leaguer in history with a hyphenated surname, and don't you forget it.

13. Brett Pill, San Francisco: @PillzRgood

Search no more for your new slogan, Pfizer!

12. Mike Carp, Seattle: @CarpusMaximus20

Not entirely sure if this is a Gladiator reference or a gluteus maximus reference.

11. Steve Cishek, Miami: @srSHREK31

Given this handle, I don't understand why anyone ever calls Cishek anything but "Senor Shrek."

10. Jason Grilli, Pittsburgh: @GrillCheese49

A reference to both a delicious sandwich and pitching slang.

9. Dan Jennings, Miami: @LtDanJennings

Jennings has not actually served in the Armed Forces. Nor, luckily for the Marlins, has he had both his legs amputated.

8. Brock Holt, Boston: @BrockStar4Lyf

Holt wins the award for "Most Internetty Spelling."

7. Bruce Chen, Kansas City: @ChenMusic

A pitching pun utilizing the pitcher's own name. Fantastic.

6. Matt den Dekker, New York Mets: @UpperDekker

A hitting pun utilizing the hitter's own name. Fantastic.

5. Will Smith, Kansas City: @White_Willy31

It was important for Smith to distinguish himself from that more well-known Big Willie.

4. Trevor Bauer, Cleveland: @BauerOutage

Would you look at that. And you're still thinking Beyonce's show was to blame?

3. Ryan Verdugo, Kansas City: @teachmetodugi11

Verdugo should start a fan section at Kaufmann Stadium called the "Missouri Swag District."

2. Brandon Nimmo, New York Mets: @You_Found_Nimmo

Some company must make this man clownfish-pattern batting gloves.

1. Ross Detwiler, Washington: @NationalDet

The team's name. The player's name. Together: a perfect pun.

-- Dan Wohl /