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Teams wearing the same color jerseys: fair or foul?

If you've paid any attention to baseball at any time after the 1960s you know that most MLB teams now have jersey options beyond the traditional white and gray. The decision for which one a team wears varies by squad -- some leave the decision up to the starting pitcher, some go with certain colors on certain days of the week, etc. -- but teams seem to usually avoid wearing the same color.

But every now and then, it does happen. September '13 has turned out to be a relative golden age for it, as the Angels and Rangers both went red on Sunday, while the Rays and Twins were both navy on Sept. 15.

If you ask me, I love the quirkiness of this, and the implicit admittance that it doesn't really matter. After all, there isn't much danger of a player, say, pitching to someone on the wrong team or anything like that. And plus, these kind of matchups happen fairly often in Spring Training. And let's face it, it's not like white and gray are so dramatically different from each other in the first place.

But I understand why others might feel wearing the same color is an affront to the spirit of team identity or simply weird-looking. What do you think?

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