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The A's are officially the Majors' most metal team

The Oakland Athletics: reigning AL West champions, subject of popular books and Brad Pitt movies, wearers of white shoes and elephant sleeve patches, and now, officially, the most metal team in baseball.

Decibel Magazine bestowed the honor upon the team during a recent photo shoot with Oakland relievers/headbangers Travis Blackley, Sean Doolittle and Pat Neshek, as tweeted on Wednesday by CSN Bay Area reporter Casey Pratt:

Ironically, Grant Balfour, possibly the most metal reliever on the team/in MLB, did not participate in the shoot, as he was busy rehabbing his knee. It's a testament to this squad's metalness that they can out-metal all even with their MMP (Most Metal Player) sidelined.

Neshek, for his part, has been known as a metal fan for a while. After the shoot, he tweeted this photo from Decibel back in '08:

The photos from the shoot won't be released until April, but I've provided a rough mockup of what they might look like above.

-- Dan Wohl /

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