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The best and most unique gifts to give to every MLB fan in your life: NL edition

Don't panic: You still have plenty of time to get presents for everyone on your list, no matter who they are, what relation they are to you, or precisely what monetary value you wish ascribe to your relationship. But as the saying goes -- gather ye rosebuds. No more dilly-dallying.

We're here to help. Because we are generous purveyors of service journalism, we went through the entire Shop, scanning the offerings for every single team and hand-plucked the items for sale that would make the best gifts.

These are, 100 percent, without a doubt, the absolutely must-have gifts for a fan of any NL team. You're welcome.

(For the AL version, click here.)

Arizona Diamondbacks


This is a D. Baxter the Bobcat pillow that shoots out light. So much better than those glow-in-the-dark stars.

Atlanta Braves


Not every MLB club offers a team flag with a forest background. Take advantage when you can.

Chicago Cubs


A CD's worth of Harry Caray: Every Cubs fan's dream.

Cincinnati Reds


Normally we wouldn't recommend giving someone a toaster. But, come on -- it puts the Reds logo right on the toast!

Colorado Rockies


A Rockies-themed cake pan is the gift that keeps on giving.

Los Angeles Dodgers


If anyone still uses beanbag chairs regularly, it's people in L.A., right?

Miami Marlins


What is the best part of this garden gnome: The SPF 100 suntan lotion bottle, the beads of sweat, or the dab of lotion on his nose? We say it's a three-way tie.

Milwaukee Brewers


Bernie Brewer looks mighty comfortable, not gonna lie.

New York Mets


Perfect for the Mets fan in your life who also appreciates a meticulously maintained lawn.

Philadelphia Phillies


This is a 45-minute film about the Phanatic traveling through time. We smell an Oscar.

Pittsburgh Pirates


Nothing says Pittsburgh pride like yellow and black camo-colored flip-flops.

San Diego Padres


We don't know why the Padres are the only team that offers a Rubik's cube, but we think you should buy it.

San Francisco Giants


You may not have heard, but the Giants won the World Series this year. If you know any Giants fans, they probably don't care about anything else. Thus, this giant World Series ticket to hang on their wall.

St. Louis Cardinals


We can only assume every Cardinals fan has dreams of becoming Fredbird one day. We certainly do, and with this mask, we can. 

Washington Nationals


A Teddy Roosevelt puppet is the perfect gift for the Nationals fan and history buff in your life.