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Movember special: 7 great baseball mustaches we saw in 2013

Yes, mobros, it's that time of year again ... 

2013 may have been the year of the beard -- with Red Sox Nation sporting some luscious locks en route to their third World Series in the last 10 seasons. But 2013 is over. It's Movember. It's mustache time. So, let's review some of the fan and player lip-brows from the year's past.

Ian Desmond joined the mustachio bashio early on in February:

Desmond, mustache

 Joba Chamberlain was also Spring Training 'stache-shaying:


Orange was the new 'stache in Baltimore:

orange mustacheCole Hamels doing his best Tom Selleck impression, while shooting hot dogs out of giant hot dog shooting machine:

Cole, stache

A Phillies fan's 'stache in prime midseason form:

phils fan

Even though he has the accompanying beard, Carlos Villanueva had some lip whiskers Rollie would be proud of:

 Villanueva, stache

And Astros fan Valentin Jacomo probably had the best fan mustache of the year. Look at that intensity. It will take you 20 Movembers to grow facial hair glory like that:

Mustchace, guy

Send us your favorites from 2013 or throughout baseball history.