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The delightful breakfast puns are already starting for Tigers prospect Joey Pankake

Tigers prospect Joey Pankake makes for breakfast puns

When the Tigers drafted Joseph Gale Pankake in the seventh round in 2014, they knew they were getting an All-SEC infielder who boasted a .303 average, .394 OBP and roughly 3 to 2 walk-to-strikeout ratio. What they might not have known is that they were drafting a player whose name would delight literally everyone.

It's excellent enough that Pankake's name belongs to the illustrious club of food-esque MLB player surnames. It's even more excellent that his name is indeed pronounced like the breakfast dish.

So, when he does things like drives in two runs for the Tigers, announcers will say "Joey Pankake" and everyone listening will think "Yes, I do love baseball and breakfast."

On top of all that, here's what manager Brad Ausmus had to say about the two-RBI hit: "[He] really waffled the ball … He hit the crepe out of it."

Delightful. Just delightful. 

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