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The five best images from Sammy Sosa's Flickr account

By now you may have seen Sammy Sosa's Pinterest page, which blew up the Internet on Thursday thanks to its casual sophistication, repeated proclamations of "Yes I'm the real Sammy Sosa" and overall tech savvy. But those 14 photos are just the tip of Slammin' Sammy's iceberg of social media. His Flickr page contains the 14 pinned images -- and 186 more that didn't make the Pinterest cut. We delved into the trove to find the five best Sosa pictures you may not have seen:

5. Sammy and confidantes laugh at an especially humorous .GIF:


4. Sammy's bathroom, featuring the risky but bold choice of a shower with no base:


3. In the shadow of his 600th-homer-commemorating artwork, Sammy solemnly reflects on his life's work:


2. An indoor model home, painted in the same mustard yellow color that Sammy favors in sweaters:


1. Finally, after showing you so many pictures of himself, Sammy takes a picture of you:


-- Dan Wohl /